contra costa, contra mundum, contradict what i say
there's always money in the banana stand
pawnee parks and recreation suggestion box
you know nothing, jon snow
i want to go to there
all my time and space

disclaimer: this blog is NOT spoiler free and television has ruined my life

elizabeth. 19. sociology major. communication & french minor. a little unsure of the future. atheist. INTJ. chaotic neutral. radio promo/programming. definite nerd.
this is what a feminist looks like.

i'm so sorry but i'm not sorry at all about all the things i post on here because i'm in too many fandoms

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people are drinking my koala tea.

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coachella is 99% white people dressing in culturally offensive clothing and not caring about half the bands there

hey jill I’m reblogging this because of reasons that were hashed out all over twitter ok ILY bae


Happy 30th Birthday, Ezra Koenig!

Am I scared of adulthood? Well, it is a natural feeling, a lot of people remain confused by it, probably up until the point where they die. Those questions don’t go away, especially questions about purpose. Are you living the right kind of life? Are you doing what’s best for you? Those are questions people wrestle with forever.

Ezra Koenig for GQ Magazine

Kill me

Ezra Koenig for GQ Magazine

Kill me